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Mad Catch Jerk Shad (Mermaid Tail)
Mad Catch Jerk Shad (Mermaid Tail) - Stil Fishing
Mad Catch Jerk Shad (Mermaid Tail) - Stil Fishing
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Mad Catch Jerk Shad (Mermaid Tail)

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The Mad Catch Jerk Shad is 100% hand poured.

Featuring a bulky profile and an incredible sense of realism, its super soft composition allows the tail to impart a tantalizing kicking action.

They work just about everywhere! Fish them around grass, under docks, on ledges, on the surface or simply for covering water just about any time of year.

Make sure it’s straight on the hook, and match the weight to the speed and depth of retrieve.

Hook slots provided for a weed less wide-gap hook setup.


Proudly South African – quality at reasonable prices.

Scented to ensure the fish hold onto it for longer!!

All baits can be ordered in any custom color – contact us and we will make for you.



6inch 6 in a pack

7inch 5 in a pack

Color – Shad patterns are most popular and they certainly work, especially where bass are feeding on shad. Semi-translucent swimbaits work great in clear water. Some glitter or a little shiny paint adds the effect of scales. In the shallows, try green pumpkin or combinations of green, brown, purple and orange – the colors of bream. Also, pure white and pure black can show up in the depths or in murky water.

Speed and action – Pay attention to how a swimbait looks when reeled at various speeds. Some baits don’t swim well at extremely slow speeds. Others roll or blow out at high speeds. Weight and rigging also affects a swimbait’s action, so if it looks a little funky at first, you might simply need to reduce or increase the weight or try a hook of a different size.

Tail and body movement – Some of the big trout imitators have very subtle action. Their tails swim side to side, but their bodies have little movement. The intent is to produce an extremely natural bait imposter in clear water. Other swimbaits have more aggressive tail movements, while some baits’ bodies roll and sway. It’s tough to say which action style is best, but if you think fish are more aggressive, try one with more action. If conditions are tough or the water is very clear, a more subtle swimbait might be better.

Hookset – Mastering a swimbait hookset can take some practice. The key is to wait to set the hook until the line has gone taut. When a fish hits, keep reeling until you feel pressure, then sweep-set.

There are several rigging options, see below picture.