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Owner Kizuna Broad 8 Strand - Stil Fishingbraid
Owner Kizuna Broad 8 Strand - Stil Fishingbraid
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Owner Kizuna Broad 8 Strand

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What is the difference against others ?

Highest quality material fiber

Unique braiding construction 

100% Made in Japan.

Strong - Highest level of tensile strength and abrasion resistance 

More Casting Distance - Light weight, float on water 

Less Line Trouble - Excellent flexibility 

Use Longer - No degradation due to water absorption, 

Ecology - No harmful substances released if burned

OWNER "BROAD PE" use 100% of Izanas fiber, and is braided on 100% Japan developed braided machines in Japan. This is good enough to rely on the quality. What is "Japan developed braided machine"? These machines were only developed for braiding fishing line in Japan. And they have very unique and patented idea of braiding fishing line. It is called "ALB construction". Anti- Loosen- Braided construction is very unique way to braid line. ALB construction is unique and special braiding construction to provide best strength and flexibility at same time like no other! Several pieces of lines are twisted to be consisting one line just like rope. Normally, all of those pieces of lines are twisted to same direction of rotation. But " ALB construction" is creating mixing direction of rotations depends on the position of the piece of line to be tighter braided. And it doesn't get loosen anyhow. ALB construction is made as short-pitch braided, but intentional superb stretch creation which give you more super breaking strength and best flexibility on braided line.