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A Leader line, also known as a Shock Leader, is a specific length of line of a higher diameter and breaking strain than your main fishing line. You can also use the leader line to make different fishing traces and leaders are connected to your mainline.

Leader Lines (11)

JDB Surf Leader

R 179.90

Kingfisher Leader Line...

R 49.90

Grinder Surf Leader...

R 119.90

Triple Fish Fluoro...

R 119.90

Adrenalin 100m Line...

R 24.90

FishSA Leader Line...

R 169.90

Siglon Fluorocarbon

R 159.90

Sufix Zippy Supple...

R 114.90

Gosen W Fluoro...

R 169.90

Tecni Perline High...

R 109.90

Tennis String 1.35mm

R 54.90