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We stock a wide range of saltwater lures in our online store. We also know that there are many different lures and that if you are looking for a specific lure you could always contact our store and we would do our best to get it for you.

Saltwater Lures (142)

McArthy Paddle Tail

R 79.90

Berkley® Fusion19™ Bucktail...

R 94.90

McArthy Kob Slinky

R 74.90

Sebile Fast Cast

R 69.90

CID Shiverstick Lure

R 109.90

McArthy Jerk Minnow

R 59.90

Zombie Lures Z'Vibe

R 119.90

GT Ice Cream...

R 99.90

Zombie Lures Z'Killer...

R 179.90

Sebile Stick Shadd...

R 149.90

Zombie Lures Z'Scad...

R 149.90

Iron Candy "Magic...

R 99.90