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Bait Thread (Cotton), Beads, Buckets, Couta Dusters, Dingle dangles/ sinker clips, Floats
Glass rattles, Glow Sticks, Lubricants, Sinkers, Swivels, Clips & Split Rings

Terminal Tackle (75)

Japanese Power Swivel

R 49.90

Kingfisher Quick Clip

R 24.90

FishSA Cotton

R 29.90

Wire Grapnel Sinker

R 12.10

Sufix 100lb Dacron...

R 29.90R 44.90

Latex Cotton PRO

R 34.90

Southway Dingle Dangles...

R 39.90

Swivel Bead

R 29.90

Bottle Sinker

R 1.20

Japan Power Split...

R 14.90

Power Combination Swivel

R 74.90

Kingfisher Glass Rattles

R 24.90

Nylon Grapnel Sinkers

R 10.50

Rugby Ball Sinkers

R 1.20

Mustad Stainless Steel...

R 44.90

High Density Foam

R 24.90

Trident Glass Rattles

R 39.90

Water Bucket

R 149.90

FishSA Cotton Bracket...

R 12.50