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We stock a wide variety of fishing reels for sale on our online store. Our collection of reels for sale include  Grinder Reels or Multiplier Reels. If you are looking for a specific reel that we don't have on our website please contact us.

Reels (39)

Shimano Stella SW-C...

R 14,499.90

Shimano Twinpower SW...

R 10,999.90

Shimano Twinpower XD...

R 7,999.90

Penn Slammer DX

R 6,499.90

Shimano Stradic SW...

R 5,299.90

Daiwa Saltist MQ

R 5,249.90

Shimano Sustain FJ...

R 5,249.90

Shimano Saragosa SW(2020)

R 5,249.90

Penn Slammer IV...

R 4,749.90

Shimano Vanford

R 4,749.90

Shimano Torium

R 4,499.90

Shimano Stradic FL

R 3,999.90

Daiwa BG MQ

R 3,949.90

Daiwa Saltist

R 3,849.90R 4,749.90

Penn Battle DX...

R 3,499.90

Penn Clash II

R 3,499.90

Penn Slammer III

R 3,499.90R 4,349.90

Shimano Socorro SW

R 3,249.90

Penn Spinfisher VI

R 3,199.90

Daiwa BG Mag...

R 2,999.90R 3,499.90

Shimano Spheros 2020

R 2,749.90

Daiwa BG

R 2,699.90

Penn Battle III

R 2,599.90

Shimano Nasci FC...

R 2,499.90

Shimano Sahara FJ...

R 1,949.90

Shimano Sedona

R 1,949.90

Okuma Azores XP

R 1,699.90